Rally Special
*The Rally Special is based on a two night minimum and a group of 10 or more.
1. Campsite cost $50 per night
2. Camp sites will be placed together when possible
3. Require a deposit of $50 site
4. Cancellation policy would be 2 weeks out from arrival date
5. Pavillion available for use
6. Rally members may arrive in morning if site is available
7. One complimentary site for Wagonmaster
8. This offer is valid from April 15 thru June 15 and August 15 thru October 15
9. **Excludes Holiday Weekends.**


Mother’s Day Special May 13-14, 2017
What is neater than having MOM and or GRANDMA visit during the entire Mother’s Day Weekend with no guest fees for MOM or GRANDMA?
Father’s Day Special June 17-18, 2017
What is neater than hanging out with DAD and or GRANDPA for an entire Father’s Day Weekend with no guest fees for DAD or GRANDPA?


Specials For RV Sites Only
2016 Spring Fling…….4/15 – 6/15…$899. 
Plus metered electric
2016 Fall Fling………8/15 – 10/15…$899. 
Plus metered electric